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Antidetect browser fingerprint on website


Saya merekomendasikan aplikasi ini, untuk penguna yang ini privacy nya terjaga, aplikasi ini sangat safty bagi saya. mereka menutup telemetry yang ada pada #windows10 dan pada #browserfingerprint

aplikasi ini di kembangkan oleh teman kita orang rusia. @vektort13, seorang ahli programer yang mampu membuat browser lebih aman untuk penguna.

tutorial dan link download tersia di bawah,


  1. Added support for Radeon host graphics cards
  2. Network mode Nat now has the signatures of a regular WiFi router to protect against Deep packet inspection
  3. Added support for Windows 7
  4. Added game mode
  5. In game mode, support for original Nvidia video drivers is added
  6. Fix non-standard screen resolutions
  7. Added 500 new iron configurations
  8. More than 30 small fixes
  9. Added utility for working with ssh tunnels to AntidetectAdditions package
  10. A utility has been added to the AntidetectAdditions package to protect against requests for local user data from web resources
  11. Into the AntidetectAdditions package added utilities for emulating a video camera and replacing images with static / dynamic

Owners of personal versions can write to the bot to receive a free update of the personal version:

Static link to download the public version:

Static download extension link:

Link youtube channel tutorial

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